Last year approx 175 Billions app are downloaded combining Play store and App Store  

“Being in year 2019 mobile app has become the integral part of business, and it has become as compulsory as food and breathing. In the research of stat counter the traffic of mobile internet as surpass the traffic of desktop in the year 2016 itself.  Now it’s been discover that 65% of the time is spend on mobile devices. So it’s become very important to have presence on mobile and our website should be responsive and mobile friendly”

Why do we need a development partner?

First and most important reason to have development partner because he is professional in his work. There are many reasons which require you to hire a mobile app development partner or things are difficult otherwise to get develop.  Developing an app is not an easy thing it require number of crucial steps and that why it is important to hire the right app development partner, companies which has highly skilled developers, UX/UI designers, testers, etc. To create a impressive and unique android application.

What are the factors to consider before hiring a Mobile App Development Company?

Hiring aright development company is not an easy task, there are number of factors are there which need to be consider before hiring a development firm.  It is often very confusing to choose between freelancers and Development Company each has its own advantage and disadvantage  Let’s understand it  by below given table


Development Company


Suitable for companies

Suitable for startups

You will get everything done under one roof

Expertise are limited  

It’s recommended for long term project

It’s good for small & short term Project

Diverse experience, no legal hassles, constant updates and support.


Experience is limited, confidentially issues

Mostly companies are stable and you can expert long term maintenance and support of your product

They may not be able give you proper support and maintenance because of limited resources and he is the only person who has to work on project and get the job.

Hence, it is always better to prefer a professional agency owing to the many advantages that come with it.

Ready-to-Use Vs Custom Apps: Well, ready-to-use apps might be good for small-sized firms, but still they can never compete with the brilliance offered by custom apps. Custom apps offer:

  • Customize and personalized experience based on the client;
  • Allow client to add desire features based on his business requirements.
  • UI, features, & functionality are customize and designed as per the client requrement with the users’ needs and business goals;
  • Offers appropriate level of security;
  • The apps feature unique functions not available in ready-made apps as it is general app design for everyone, and it is strong competitive advantage to custom base app.
  • Dedicated technical support available;
  • And much more.

Hence, custom apps should be preferred for a great app experience.


Native Vs Hybrid Mobile Apps: In case of small-sized business, they can opt for Hybrid app development owing to its portability (one code base, multiple platforms), where as for medium-sized and big-sized firms, Native app works the best. Native apps offers better user experience, access to device hardware/software (GPS, location, shake, calendar, etc.), easy to found in app stores (Google’s Play Store & Apple’s App Store), and also Native UI allow users to quickly learn the app. This way, there are a number of advantages associated with Native apps and this is why it should be preferred by large-scale businesses.


Budget:  Through development companies you will get complete solution as they already have team of specialists to assembled the app based on client requirement. But you also has too keep in mind quality come with price, so getting your work done from the development firm will be higher compare to the freelance and in return of that you will get good service and support all your requirement will be fulfill under one roof most of the time. Only after looking into all these factors, you will be able to make the right decision over a mobile app development company.

How to calculate a Mobile App Development Cost?

There are lot of factor which need to be consider before deciding the cost of mobile app development. Generally mobile app development cost change as per the geographical region, team structure (designers, developers, UX/UI, QA & Testers, etc.), development platforms and third-party apps. However, most of the professional and good companies charge $25,000+ to create a mobile app, while in case of a more complex project, you can expect to pay $100,000+. 

How you can fix the cost with development companies?

Numerous factors need to be considered when it comes to hiring a mobile app development company. After all, you must make certain that you are choosing the right firm and this is why ensure these parameters are choosing the firm:

Team engagement & hiring models:  This is purely depend on you to decide which model is best suitable for your app requirements and your budget, like:


Fixed-priced model:

This model is good if you are very much clear about your project and its scope, requirements & timeline and then pay a decided amount of fixed price of the final product. This is a low-risk option for clients.


Dedicated-hiring model: This is the best model for long term working project and where in you may need to change flow and scope of the project or where in you are not very sure at later stage what you need to add more in to your project in this you just need to choose the skilled resource and pay a fix monthly fees to the development company based on the resource you use.


Time & Material Hiring Model:  In this model, cost is been calculated based on the project, efforts, execution of time & resources deployed. In case you are willing to invest in regular and constant development of quality app development, then this one is ideal for you.If ever you have any confusion in terms of selection & engagement model, then feel free to ask your chosen company support system.


Price & Contract: Usually there are many factor on which cost of a app depends to give you an idea, the cost of entire mobile app development project is subject to app’s features, scalability, scope & complexity. It also consist of the amount & type of resources that go into app development.


Quality Assurance & Maintenance:  This is one of the most important part for the success of your app if you app quality is not good and developer is not providing you regular maintenance than you app will not survive for a long time. Once your app is release in the app store, it will be needed regular updates, maintenance, bug fixing addition of new functionalities & features. This is why, it is very important to understand the chosen company’s policy in terms of app maintenance, like for ongoing support whether they charge at an hourly rate or a monthly fee.



This is why it is very important to choose a right development partner. I hope this blog gave you fare idea how you can choose a right developer for your project.