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Montant Taxe

Montant Taxe or Motor Tax. This application is designed for the Congo DRC.

This is the DR Congo Government Project in PPP ( Public Private Partnership) The Objective of this app is to collect tax from Moto bikes which are used as taxi in Kinshasa & other  districts.

Taxi motorbikes charge 500 FC for a day.  This application has been installed in the Pos machine and with the help of this application agents charge the tax to taxi motor bikes on a daily basis. 
Pos app

How does taxing software work?

This app is in French language Pos machine in which Taxing application is preinstall is given to the Collection Agents,  with the help of this application agents  tax to taxi motor bikes. 

In the app Agent will be able to see his balance, print the tax receipt for the bikers and check his daily tax reports.
Agents can register new  motorbikes and it stores in the system database. So that next time by entering the plaque No automatically all the details related to that bike will come up. Here we have also given the option of QR code scanning to tax taxi bikers. 

Some Important Features

Software provides you many great features

to run your business smoothly.


Admin Panel

  • Informative Dashboard 
  • Daily Tax Collection
  • Agent Management 
  • Attendance Management  
  • Hierarchy Management

User Panel

  • Loan Management 
  • Cash Collection Management 
  • Monitoring Panel for Government officials 

Pos App

  • Location Management.
  • Pos machine  management with user locking function.
  • Vehicle Management.
  • QR Code scanning System.


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